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The logic of four decades of economic reform and major breakthroughs in political economy in China

Yinxing Hong

In the process of reform, although every landmark theoretical breakthrough is marked by the speech of the highest leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) or the…


Creating a reliable financing mechanism for economic development

Yang Li

China’s economic development in the past 40 years has an array of distinctive features that have attracted the attention of the world. The paper aims to discuss this issue.


Examining the shared development of socialist political economics with Chinese characteristics

Can Liu

The shared development concept is crucial for the construction of a socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics. The paper aims to discuss this issue.


Economic analysis of China’s marketization process over four decades and the construction of the Chinese model and Economics with Chinese Studies

Ruilong Yang

Over the past four decades, China has strived to make the market mechanism play a decisive role in resource allocation under the conditions of adhering to the basic…


Market-oriented interest rate, deposit insurance system and bank runs: A dynamic model perspective

Guoqiang Tian, Yupu Zhao, Rukai Gong

In the transitional process of promoting market-oriented interest rate, China is confronted with an important theoretical and practical issue: how to avoid bank runs and…

Building a modern economic system: basic framework, key issues, and theoretical innovation

Zhibiao Liu

The construction of a modern economic system is a symbolic and strategic choice for large developing economies on the path toward high-quality economic development. The…


Analysis of the innovation and development of the socialist market economy theory

Jiayong Hu

As a major theoretical breakthrough of the Marxist political economy based on the practice of China’s reform and opening up, the theory of socialist market economy…


The US dollar and new imperialism under the logic of capital accumulation

Haiping Qiu, Min Zhao

The world currency is endowed with two inherent contradictions, namely, the general contradiction of all currencies and the special contradiction between the quality and…


Scientific and technological innovation related to real economic growth

Xiaoning Long

Innovation is the fundamental driving force for the long-term sustainable development of an economy. After four decades of rapid economic growth, China is facing crises…


Recapitulation of the relationship between economic thoughts and realities: Reflections on the prevalence of the westernized “Doctrine of the Mystery of China’s Growth”

Hua Liang

It is rather common for China’s current academic circles to use western doctrines that originated in situ to explain China’s economic problems, a suspicion of scenario…

Domestic demand-based economic globalization and inclusive growth

Jianghuai Zheng, Chunmiao Shen

The purpose of this paper is to propose policy recommendations that resort to the domestic market to achieve inclusive growth from an open perspective.


Monopoly behavior of China’s manufacturing enterprises: Rent-seeking or innovation-oriented

Guidong Wang

With the increase of state capital, corporate total factor productivity (TFP) has a tendency to jump up at first and then slowly decrease. Generally, no significant…

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