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Economic Zeitgeist in Xi Jinping

Gu Hailiang

Xi Jinping’s speech on the theme of “Continuously Exploring the New Zeitgeist of Marxist Political Economy in China,” dated back to November 2015, has illuminated the…


Study on the “high-quality development” economics

Jin Bei

As China embarks upon a new era of high-quality development, it is increasingly important and imperative for China’s economic development to live up to its real nature…


On the economic long wave

Gao Feng

There exist long-term fluctuations in the process of capital accumulation. The economic long wave is an essential part of research into non-mainstream western economics…


Pro-poor growth and the realization of common prosperity of socialism with Chinese characteristics

Fan Conglai, Xie Chaofeng

As the essential requirement of socialism with Chinese characteristics, common prosperity stands for both the goal of and the approach to economic growth. Shared…


China’s Belt and Road Initiative and large-scale outbound investment

Shen Kunrong, Jin Gang

The purpose of this paper is to comprehensively examine the influence of formal and informal institutional differences on enterprise investment margin, mode and result.


R&D value of Chinese manufacturing listed companies: Based on the financial market’s valuation of corporate assets

An Tongliang, Wang Wenyi

The way to measure the value of an enterprise’s R&D investments remains elusive for theoretical and empirical study on innovation economics. The paper aims to discuss this…


A welfare economics analysis of China’s industrial layout restructuring

Wu Fuxiang, Cai Yue

At present, China’s industrial spatial layout faces the predicament of over-agglomeration of Eastern China industries and the near disintegration of industrial structure…


Research on the performance of industrial innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises in China

Guoqing Lu, Peng Dai, Xia Zhang

The purpose of this paper is to test the relationship between innovation performance and innovation spillover effects, innovation inputs, innovation outputs and industrial effects.

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