Innovation & Management Review: Volume 16 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Research, development and transfer of environmentally sound technologies in Brazil

Jeovan de Carvalho Figueiredo, Luiz Carlos Di Serio, Jislaine de Fátima Guilhermino, Wladimir Augusto César de Morais, Vera Lucia Neto

Most research and development (R&D) activities in Brazil are performed by science and technology institutions (STIs). The purpose of this research was to determine whether…

Analysis of business models innovation – a multiple case study

Moema Pereira Nunes, Ana Paola Russo

This paper aims to analyze the business model innovation in medium and large Brazilian manufacturing companies located in Rio do Sul State.


Technology-based business incubators: An exploratory analysis of intra-organizational social networks

Maria Gabriela Miranda, Renata Borges

Technology-based incubators depend on high-level knowledge to constantly meet the demands of the market. Incubators offer a variety of specialized services to help…


Innovation in public administration: Itineraries of Brazilian scientific production and new research possibilities

Grazielle Sucupira, Flávio Saab, Gisela Demo, Paulo Henrique Bermejo

The subject of innovation in public service has been gaining attention in Brazilian scientific practice and production. This paper aims to identify national studies on…