Innovation & Management Review: Volume 15 Issue 4 , Open Access


Table of contents

Emerging technologies and new business models: a review on disruptive business models

Giovana Sordi Schiavi, Ariel Behr

This paper aims to conduct a review on disruptive business models. Considering that competition among companies will not only happen through new products, services or…


The effect of creative corporate culture and intangibility on the performance of foreign firms traded on the NYSE

Marcia Martins Mendes De Luca, Paulo Henrique Nobre Parente, Emanoel Mamede Sousa Silva, Ravena Rodrigues Sousa

Following the tenets of resource-based view, the present study aims to investigate the effect of creative corporate culture according to the competing values framework…


Misty consensus, messy dissensus: paradoxes of the Brazilian innovation policies

Luiz Ricardo Cavalcante

The purpose of this paper is to show that the wide acknowledgement of the association between innovation and economic and social development and of the importance of…

Process philosophy’s potential contributions to innovation process research within organization studies

Queila Regina Souza Matitz, Karine Francisconi Chaerki

The purpose of this paper is to discuss process philosophy’s potential contributions to understanding and investigation of innovation processes associated with…

Technological cooperation network in biotechnology: Analysis of patents with Brazil as the priority country

Cristiano Goncalves Pereira, Rodrigo Ribeiro Da Silva, João Ricardo Lavoie, Geciane Silveira Porto

The establishment of partnerships between companies, government and universities aims to enhance innovation and the technological development of institutions. The…