Innovation & Management Review: Volume 15 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Relationship between entrepreneurial orientation, marketing capability and business performance in retail supermarkets in Santa Catarina (Brazil)

Ismael Luiz dos Santos, Sidnei Vieira Marinho

This study aims to find evidence of a possible relationship between three constructs that are generally investigated separately: entrepreneurial orientation, understood as…


Does innovation make a difference?: An analysis of the performance of micro and small enterprises in the foodservice industry

Renata Vasconcelos, Marcos Oliveria

This paper aims to identify and measure the impact of the types of innovation on micro and small enterprises’ performance in the foodservice industry.


Innovation in judicial services: a study of innovation models in labor courts

Michele Machado, Marcos Sousa, Vicente Rocha, Antonio Isidro

The purpose of this study is to identify innovation models in the judiciary according to the current integrated theoretical approach for innovation in services.


Innovation practices in small technology-based companies during incubation and post-incubation periods

Pedro Henrique de Oliveira, Ana Cláudia Fernandes Terence

Innovation is a constant attribute in the management processes of technology-based companies (TBCs), mostly small and young, and plays a relevant role in their…


Technological intensity and innovation capability in industrial firms

Paulo Antônio Zawislak, Edi Madalena Fracasso, Jorge Tello-Gamarra

Over time, technological intensity has been used as a proxy for innovation capability of firms in an industrial sector. However, not only firms belonging to the stratum of…


Organizational knowledge management and sharing: A study in the Federal Direct Administration

Fábio Ferreira Silva, Catarina Cecilia Odelius

This paper aims to identify empirically the influence of learning mechanisms provided by organizations on knowledge sharing in the organizational environment.