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Governing land use planning in pursuit of customary tenure security: A case of Kilombero District in rural Tanzania

Method Julius Gwaleba, Sophia Marcian Kongela, Wilbard Jackson Kombe

This paper aims to explore the role of participatory governance to actors’ participation in land use planning for tenure security in rural Tanzania. Three case studies where land…

Environmental insurance in the mechanism of environmental protection in Russia: how to improve its efficiency with the help of law?

Aleksey Pavlovich Anisimov, Buynta Injieva, Anatoliy Ryzhenkov

The purpose of this study is to formulate a proposal to fill the gap in national legislation, which will increase the effectiveness of mandatory environmental insurance.

Enforcing the Nationally Described Space Standard: the regulation of “Sub-standard” English housing

Phil Hubbard

Despite opposition from housebuilders, the Nationally Described Space Standard (NDSS) was introduced in 2015 amid concerns about shrinking home sizes. This paper examines Planning…

“From the lease’s point of view”: the role of tied leases in shaping the UK pub sector

Jed Meers

Much like their residential counterparts, commercial leases have a reputation problem. Although often derided as painfully dull and mundane documents, residential leases have…

Can community land trust models work in Peru? Researching community-based land tenure models for affordable housing

Gerson Barboza De Las Casas

In pursuit of affordable housing, the Sustainable Urban Development Act of 2021 contains regulations for community land trusts (CLTs) in Peru. This study aims to assess whether…

The absurdity of the modern law of town and village greens

Tom Spencer

This paper aims to use doctrinal legal investigative methods combined with economic analysis to investigate the efficacy of the Law.

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