European Journal of Management and Business Economics: Volume 33 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Does digital transformation increase firms' productivity perception? The role of technostress and work engagement

Beatriz Picazo Rodríguez, Antonio Jose Verdú-Jover, Marina Estrada-Cruz, Jose Maria Gomez-Gras

To understand how organizations, public or private, must increase their productivity perception (PP), independently of the sector. This article aims to analyze PP in the digital…


Impacts of transformational leadership on organizational change capability: a two-path mediating role of trust in leadership

Thanh Thi Cao, Phong Ba Le

Given the important role of change capability for organizational development and competitive advantage, the purpose of this study is to clarify the influences of transformational…


Organizational culture and innovation: exploring the “black box”

Tomás Vargas-Halabi, Rosa Maria Yagüe-Perales

This research aimed to conceptualize organizations as open and purposeful systems to study how organizational culture (OC) influences firms' Innovative Performance (IP). The…


Precursors and outcomes of satisfaction of fair trade coffee consumers

Samira Mili, Carlos Ferro-Soto

This paper aims to identify the antecedents and postcedents of customer satisfaction, including utilitarian, social and emotional factors, in a fair trade (FT) coffee consumption…


Board of directors and business transformation: a bibliometric analysis

Luis de Enrique Arnau, María José Pinillos-Costa

This paper aims to analyze the thematic content of research addressing the relation between board of directors (BoD) and business transformation (BT) to obtain better…


The “industrial halo” and its impact on the assessment of corporate reputation

Emilio Calvo-Iriarte, María Victoria Esteban-González, Arturo Rodríguez-Castellanos

The gap that this research attempts to fill is to analyse the explanatory factor “industry” when assessing the reputation of a corporate group. In other words, this research…