European Journal of Management and Business Economics: Volume 31 Issue 3 , Open Access


Table of contents

Momentum investing: evidence from the US tourism and hospitality

Mohamed Shaker Ahmed

The present research aims to examine a range of momentum trading strategies for the tourism and hospitality sector.


Agency costs and credit availability: an international study

Mejda Bahlous-Boldi

This paper aims to investigate the link between agency costs mitigation via three levels of rights protection (minority rights protection, enforcing contracts, resolving…


Measuring the effectiveness of intermediary loyalty programmes in the motor insurance industry: loyal versus non-loyal customers

Manuel Leiria, Efigénio Rebelo, Nelson deMatos

The insurance industry has not been able to effectively retain its customers and struggles to establish and maintain long-lasting relationships with them. The purpose of this…


Identification of factors and outcomes of trust in mobile supply chains

Nassim Ghondaghsaz, Sven Engesser

The main purpose of this paper is the identification of the conceptualization of trust as well as its factors and outcomes in interorganizational relations in mobile supply chains…


Insurers' risk management as a business process: a prospective competitive advantage or not?

Danish Ahmed, Xie Yuantao, Umair Saeed Bhutta

Insurance companies exist to manage the risk of others, which is why they are perceived to be competitive in risk management (RM). Considering this, we investigate how different…


From knowledge to wisdom: will wisdom management replace knowledge management?

Maria Jakubik, Peeter Müürsepp

This conceptual paper aims to contribute to the knowledge management (KM) literature by seeking to determine whether wisdom management (WM) will replace KM in future.


CSR communication and firms’ ability to win public procurement contracts

Ouiam Kaddouri, Stephane Saussier

This paper aims to examine the link between the corporate social responsibility (CSR) communication efforts of companies and their ability to obtain public procurement contracts.