European Journal of Management and Business Economics: Volume 31 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

The moderating effect of agglomeration on horizontal differentiation and online reviews: the case of Paris hotels

María D. Illescas-Manzano, Sergio Martínez-Puertas, Manuel Sánchez-Pérez

Hotels are immersed in a very competitive environment and hoteliers have to plan and redesign their strategies to stay in the hospitality industry while faced with a steady rise…


Links, fit or sacrifice: job embeddedness and intention to quit among Generation Y

Rosa María Fuchs

The study aims to determine how the relationship among links, fit and sacrifice (dimensions of job embeddedness) influence employees' intention to quit in the case of…


Digital ecosystem structure formation depending on the archetype of distribution network participants

Irina Anatolevna Krasyuk, Maria Vladimirovna Kolgan, Yuliya Medvedeva

Fundamental changes in economic relations, instability of the market environment in which enterprises operate and increased intensity of competitive influences to obtain better…


Change tolerance, group focus and students' entrepreneurial intentions: does gender matter?

Gloria Haddad, Ghada Haddad, Gautam Nagpal

This study examines the impact of cultural dimensions on entrepreneurial intentions (EIs) and the mediating role of planned behavior (TPB) determinants between change tolerance…


Between the assessment centre and reality: how and why biographical psychology makes human resource management more effective

Evgeny Rudnev

The article makes a conceptual contribution to the substantiation of the foundations in personnel management for the development and decision-making in personnel assessment based…


Mapping research trends on strategic agility over the past 25 years: insights from a bibliometric approach

Enrique de Diego, Paloma Almodóvar

Strategic agility is a fuzzy concept that has become crucial to cope with environmental uncertainty and instability; hence, more in-depth studies are highly needed. The aim of…


Being stressed in the family or married with work? A literature review and clustering of work-family conflict

Tancredi Pascucci, Brizeida Hernández Sánchez, José Carlos Sánchez García

Work-family conflict is an important topic which had an evolution, starting from a static definition, where work and family domains were divided, to a more dynamic and complex…