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Profiling information-seeking behaviour of distance learning students in Wawasan Open University

Vighnarajah, Farzanah Ali Hassan, Norhasni Abd Aziz, Ooi Siew Lee

Wawasan Open University Library undertook a survey study, based on the Wilson’s revised model of information behaviour (1999), to profile information-seeking behaviour of…


Prolonged time taken to complete the degree programmes at the Faculty of Engineering Technology of the Open University of Sri Lanka: Barriers and remedies

Shriyangi Aluwihare, Shammi De Silva

It has been observed that the students attending the bachelor’s degree programmes offered by the Faculty of Engineering Technology (FET) at the Open University of Sri…


Transforming future public health professionals through open and distance learning (ODeL): Case study of UPOU’s International Health Program in the Philippines

Satwinder Rehal

Open and distance e-learning (ODeL) practices have substantial contributions to make in achieving societal development goals. The challenge however remains with enhancing…


Blended learning for building student-teachers’ capacity to learn and teach science-related interdisciplinary subjects: The case of Hong Kong

Yeung Chung Lee, Kwok-chi Lau, Valerie Wing Yan Yip

The purpose of this paper is to report the design and evaluation of an inter-university collaborative project entitled “Blended learning for building student-teachers…


Hybrid online/offline mobile solutions for accessing open educational resources in areas with poor internet connectivity

Reinald Adrian D.L. Pugoy, Consuelo D.L. Habito, Roberto B. Figueroa

The purpose of this paper is to present mobile solutions that aid in accessing open educational resources (OERs) in areas that have limited bandwidth resulting in poor…


Clustering of online learning resources via minimum spanning tree

Qingyuan Wu, Changchen Zhan, Fu Lee Wang, Siyang Wang, Zeping Tang

The quick growth of web-based and mobile e-learning applications such as massive open online courses have created a large volume of online learning resources. Confronting…


Trends in open and distance learning research: 2005 vs 2015

Yuen Yee Wong, Jing Zeng, Chun Kit Ho

The purpose of this paper is to analyse the research trends in the field of open and distance learning (ODL) as reflected in journal articles.

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