Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy: Volume 50 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Exploring the professional experiences of mental health occupational therapists during a period of COVID-19

Brendan Culleton

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about disruption in the way health-care professionals carry out their day-to-day practices across communities. The purpose of this research paper…


COVID-19 on an acute psychiatric unit: an interdisciplinary, trauma-informed response

Laura Carroll, Hannah Casey, Rory Adams, Stephanie O’Connor, Áine O’Reilly

There is a high prevalence of trauma among mental health clients, with risk of re-traumatisation when admitted to a Department of Psychiatry (DoP) (Kimberg and Wheeler, 2019). The…

The benefits of nature-based therapy for the individual and the environment: an integrative review

Meabh Bonham-Corcoran, Alexandra Armstrong, Amy O’Briain, Amy Cassidy, Niall Turner

This review aims to identify the commonly used nature-based therapies, the cohorts that benefit from these interventions, and the potential environmental impact of nature-based…


Rehabilitation in dementia: CST and Sonas group interventions for people with moderate cognitive impairment. A pilot study

Orla Dolan, Joanne O’Halloran, Micheal O’Cuill, Atiqa Rafiq, Jennifer Edgeworth, Michael Hogan, Agnes Shiel

Dementia is a complex, progressively degenerative condition. It results in loss of cognitive and functional capabilities, along with a significant increase in the level of…


Reintroducing rest: evaluation of a patient-guided sleep workbook in a community mental health team setting

Rebecca Conlan-Trant, Paula Connolly, Alison O’Sullivan, Anurag Nasa, Mary Sammon, Lauren Alexander

Sleep disturbance is a common difficulty in the general population. It has become particularly prevalent in the context of disruption to routine brought about by the COVID-19…

Being an academic retiree: a qualitative, follow-up study of women academics in the Republic of Ireland

Mairead Cahill, Rose Galvin, Judith Pettigrew

Retirement is a complex process that can impact daily lives and relationships. While some gender differences in academic retirement experiences have been noted, few studies have…


Occupational therapy students’ preferences for teaching and course design across a three-year undergraduate education program

Even Elias Edvardsen, Eline Fjærestad Dalseth, Susanne Grødem Johnson, Linda Stigen, Gry Mørk, Trine A. Magne, Astrid Gramstad, Milada Cvancarova Småstuen, Tore Bonsaksen

Understanding students’ preferences for teaching and course design is important for educators in higher education when planning courses and teaching activities. The purpose of…

Pathfinder; alternative care pathways for older adults who phone the emergency medical services in North Dublin: a case study

Claire O’Brien, Laura Hogan, Peter Ward, William Howard, Rebecca Mooney, Paul Bernard, Grace Corcoran

Emergency Department (ED) presentations in older people are associated with a wide range of adverse events, which increase the risk of lengthy hospitalisation and poor outcomes…