Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy: Volume 50 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Exploring the professional experiences of mental health occupational therapists during a period of COVID-19

Brendan Culleton

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about disruption in the way health-care professionals carry out their day-to-day practices across communities. The purpose of this…


COVID-19 on an acute psychiatric unit: an interdisciplinary, trauma-informed response

Laura Carroll, Hannah Casey, Rory Adams, Stephanie O’Connor, Áine O’Reilly

There is a high prevalence of trauma among mental health clients, with risk of re-traumatisation when admitted to a Department of Psychiatry (DoP) (Kimberg and Wheeler…

The benefits of nature-based therapy for the individual and the environment: an integrative review

Meabh Bonham-Corcoran, Alexandra Armstrong, Amy O’Briain, Amy Cassidy, Niall Turner

This review aims to identify the commonly used nature-based therapies, the cohorts that benefit from these interventions, and the potential environmental impact of…


Rehabilitation in dementia: CST and Sonas group interventions for people with moderate cognitive impairment. A pilot study

Orla Dolan, Joanne O’Halloran, Micheal O’Cuill, Atiqa Rafiq, Jennifer Edgeworth, Michael Hogan, Agnes Shiel

Dementia is a complex, progressively degenerative condition. It results in loss of cognitive and functional capabilities, along with a significant increase in the level of…

Reintroducing rest: evaluation of a patient-guided sleep workbook in a community mental health team setting

Rebecca Conlan-Trant, Paula Connolly, Alison O’Sullivan, Anurag Nasa, Mary Sammon, Lauren Alexander

Sleep disturbance is a common difficulty in the general population. It has become particularly prevalent in the context of disruption to routine brought about by the…

Being an academic retiree: a qualitative, follow-up study of women academics in the Republic of Ireland

Mairead Cahill, Rose Galvin, Judith Pettigrew

Retirement is a complex process that can impact daily lives and relationships. While some gender differences in academic retirement experiences have been noted, few…

Pathfinder; alternative care pathways for older adults who phone the emergency medical services in North Dublin: a case study

Claire O’Brien, Laura Hogan, Peter Ward, William Howard, Rebecca Mooney, Paul Bernard, Grace Corcoran

Emergency Department (ED) presentations in older people are associated with a wide range of adverse events, which increase the risk of lengthy hospitalisation and poor…