Irish Journal of Occupational Therapy: Volume 48 Issue 2 , Open Access


Table of contents

Associations between learning environment factors and student satisfaction among occupational therapy students

Hilde Thygesen, Astrid Gramstad, Lene A. Åsli, Linda Stigen, Trine A. Magne, Tove Carstensen, Tore Bonsaksen

Student satisfaction is an important indicator of educational quality in higher education institutions. Learning environment factors are assumed to play a role in determining…


Impaired awareness of deficits and cognitive strategy use in occupational performance of persons with acquired brain injury (ABI)

Sabine van Erp, Esther Steultjens

This study aims to explore the difference in cognitive strategy use during observed occupational performance between and within different levels of impaired awareness of deficits…


Shining a light on the daily occupational experiences of lesbian and gay adults’ in Ireland: applying an occupational justice lens

Letitia Hadden, Aisling O’Riordan, Jeanne Jackson

Equality of rights for individuals who identify as being lesbian or gay (LG) have emerged over recent years, and significant advancements have been made in recognition and support…


Generalist, specialist and generic positions experienced by occupational therapists in Norwegian municipalities

Sissel Horghagen, Tore Bonsaksen, Unni Sveen, Anne Stine Dolva, Cathrine Arntzen

Reforms in the health-care system may impact how health-care professionals perceive and enact their roles. This study aims to examine the way in which occupational therapists…