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An intelligence optimization method based on crowd intelligence for IoT devices

Ke Wang, Zheming Yang, Bing Liang, Wen Ji

The rapid development of 5G technology brings the expansion of the internet of things (IoT). A large number of devices in the IoT work independently, leading to difficulties in…

An embedded bandit algorithm based on agent evolution for cold-start problem

Rui Qiu, Wen Ji

Many recommender systems are generally unable to provide accurate recommendations to users with limited interaction history, which is known as the cold-start problem. This issue…

Crowd modelling: aggregating non-expert views as a method for theorizing

Octavio González Aguilar

This paper aims to introduce a crowd-based method for theorizing. The purpose is not to achieve a scientific theory. On the contrary, the purpose is to achieve a model that may…

Integration of biosensor to a window-based control system for user emotion detection to static and dynamic visual contents of webpages

Fatima M. Isiaka, Awwal Adamu, Zainab Adamu

Basic capturing of emotion on user experience of web applications and browsing is important in many ways. Quite often, online user experience is studied via tangible measures such…


Research on collaborative governance mechanism of academic ecological environment under the background of crowd intellectual thinking

Yi He, Linlin Ma, Yanan Wang

This paper aims to use intellectual thinking to solve the problem of how to carry out collaborative governance of the academic ecological environment.

Crowd intelligence evolution based on complex network

Jianran Liu, Wen Ji

In recent years, with the increase in computing power, artificial intelligence can gradually be regarded as intelligent agents and interact with humans, this interactive network…

A novel simulation framework for crowd transportations

Zhihui Li, Hongbo Sun

With the development of the modern economy, vehicles are no longer a luxury for people, which greatly facilitate people’s daily life, but at the same time bring traffic…



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