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A new simulation framework for crowd collaborations

Rui Yang, Hongbo Sun

Collaboration is a common phenomenon in human society. The best way of collaborations can make the group achieve the best interests. Because of the low cost and high repeatability…

School engagement as a mediator in students’ social relationships and academic performance: a survey based on CiteSpace

Yin Li, Leiju Qiu, Baowen Sun

In studies related to education, sociology and economics, the relationship between students’ social relationships and their academic performance is one of the most important…


Bibliometric analysis of sharing economy logistics and crowd logistics

Laurence Saglietto

This study aims to review the literature on sharing economy logistics and crowd logistics to answer the three following questions: How is the literature on sharing economy…


A stock price prediction method based on deep learning technology

Xuan Ji, Jiachen Wang, Zhijun Yan

Stock price prediction is a hot topic and traditional prediction methods are usually based on statistical and econometric models. However, these models are difficult to deal with…


Research on the influence of college students’ crowd decision-making on improving the content of public account tweets

Xiangpeng Yang, Yi He

As human beings step into the age of information network, big data technology is constantly improving the intelligence level of various agents such as individuals and enterprises…

A measurement framework of crowd intelligence

Yiqiang Feng, Leiju Qiu, Baowen Sun

The originality of the crowd cyber system lies in the fact that it possesses the intelligence of multiple groups including intelligence of people, intelligence of objects and…


May problem-based learning get higher evaluation from student?

Qiuju Yin, Chenxi Guo, Chao Dong, Tianmei Wang

The paper aims to explore the effect of problem-based learning (PBL) embedding degree and education level on individual perception, as well as the moderating effect of nationality.



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