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The correlation and volatility between bitcoin and the blockchain index

Tuotuo Qi, Tianmei Wang, Jianming Zhu, Ruyu Bai

The encrypted money market has attracted the attention of investors all over the world. Among the encrypted currency, bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular. Because blockchain…


Utilizing short version big five traits on crowdsouring

Kousaku Igawa, Kunihiko Higa, Tsutomu Takamiya

The purpose of this paper is to examine the efficacy of the Japanese ten-item personality inventory (TIPI-J), a short version of the big five (BF) questionnaire, on crowdsourcing…

SABlockFL: a blockchain-based smart agent system architecture and its application in federated learning

Zhizhao Zhang, Tianzhi Yang, Yuan Liu

The purpose of this work is to bridge FL and blockchain technology through designing a blockchain-based smart agent system architecture and applying in FL. and blockchain…


Developing a fail-safe culture in a cyber environment using MySQL replication technique

Fatima M. Isiaka, Salihu Abdullahi Audu, Mustafa Ahmed Umar

The dependence on the use of information systems for nearly every activity and functions in the internet is increasingly high. This form of interconnectedness has bolstered…


Internet and firm development

Shunbin Zhong, Leiju Qiu, Baowen Sun

This paper aims to provide a survey of existing literature on the economic impacts of the internet on firm development, and outlines an overall framework of the existing studies…


An implementation architecture for crowd network simulations

Jialin Zou, Kun Wang, Hongbo Sun

Crowd network systems have been deemed as a promising mode of modern service industry and future economic society, and taking crowd network as the research object and exploring…

Definitive guidelines toward effective mobile devices crowdtesting methodology

Qamar Naith, Fabio Ciravegna

This paper aims to gauge developers’ perspectives regarding the participation of the public and anonymous crowd testers worldwide, with a range of varied experiences. It also aims…



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