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A novel simulation framework for crowd co-decisions

Xia Yao, Hongbo Sun, Baode Fan

The purpose of this paper is to aim mainly at social public decision-making problems, studies the corresponding relationship between different voting rule combinations and the…

The study on the architecture of crowd system supporting platform

Shuangxi Huang, Zhixuan Jia, Yushun Fan, Taiwen Feng, Ting He, Shizhen Bai, Zhiyong Wu

The purpose of this paper is to better understand and study the architecture and system characteristics of the underlying support platform for crowd system, by recognizing the…

Collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm based on variational inference

Kai Zheng, Xianjun Yang, Yilei Wang, Yingjie Wu, Xianghan Zheng

The purpose of this paper is to alleviate the problem of poor robustness and over-fitting caused by large-scale data in collaborative filtering recommendation algorithms.

Evolutionary information dynamics over social networks: a review

Hangjing Zhang, Yan Chen, H. Vicky Zhao

The purpose of this paper is to have a review on the analysis of information diffusion based on evolutionary game theory. People now get used to interact over social networks, and…

RegBoost: a gradient boosted multivariate regression algorithm

Wen Li, Wei Wang, Wenjun Huo

Inspired by the basic idea of gradient boosting, this study aims to design a novel multivariate regression ensemble algorithm RegBoost by using multivariate linear regression as a…


The study of the effect of online review on purchase behavior: Comparing the two research methods

Jinghuan Zhang, Wenfeng Zheng, Shan Wang

The purpose of this paper is to explain the difference and connection between the network big data analysis technology and the psychological empirical research method.


An evolution simulation framework for ecological structure of crowd networks

Jiwu Wang, Hongbo Sun

This paper aims to obtain optimal specialization mode and level for complex network or system structures. In the e-commerce system, this paper studies the changes of each…




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