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Research on map matching algorithm based on priority rule for low sampling frequency vehicle navigation data

Zhishuo Liu, Yao Dongxin, Zhao Kuan, Wang Chun Fang

There is a certain error in the satellite positioning of the vehicle. The error will cause the drift point of the positioning point, which makes the vehicle trajectory shift to…

Dynamic prediction of cardiovascular disease using improved LSTM

Kuang Junwei, Hangzhou Yang, Liu Junjiang, Yan Zhijun

Previous dynamic prediction models rarely handle multi-period data with different intervals, and the large-scale patient hospital records are not effectively used to improve the…


Alignment of business in robotic process automation

Ning Zhang, Bo Liu

This paper aims to find out how business aligns with robotic process automation (RPA) and whether the alignment has the same factors as for IT–business alignment.


Intelligent transaction: definition, modes, and research directions

Leiju Qiu, Yang Zhao, Qian Liu, Baowen Sun, Xiaolin Wu

In the crowd intelligence networking era, the smart connections of human, machines and things enable point-to-point trustable transactions and distributed efficient collaboration;…


Crowdsourcing for search engines: perspectives and challenges

Mohammad Moradi

As a relatively new computing paradigm, crowdsourcing has gained enormous attention in the recent decade. Its compliance with the Web 2.0 principles, also, puts forward…


A survey on VV&A of large-scale simulations

Yanan Wang, Jianqiang Li, Sun Hongbo, Yuan Li, Faheem Akhtar, Azhar Imran

Simulation is a well-known technique for using computers to imitate or simulate the operations of various kinds of real-world facilities or processes. The facility or process of…


Exploring the relationships between gamification and motivational needs in technology design

Jian Tang, Ping Zhang

Drawing upon the motivational affordance theory, this paper aims to investigate how gamification design and human motivational needs are associated in extant literature.




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