South Asian Journal of Business Studies: Volume 9 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Work and Family Interface in South Asia

Guest Editors: Nicholas Beutell, Tejinder Billing

Relationship between role overload and the work–family interface

Poonam Shripad Vatharkar, Meenakshi Aggarwal-Gupta

The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between role overload (RO) and the work–family interface (work–life conflict and work–life enrichment) among bank…

Role of support in work–family interface among university faculty in India

Neena Gopalan, Murugan Pattusamy, Kamala Gollakota

Numerous studies on Western samples exist on work–family conflict (WFC) and work–family enrichment (WFE). Generalizing such results to other cultures may lead to erroneous…

Toward contextual understanding: antecedents of work-family interface in India

Mahima Raina, Eunae Cho, Kamlesh Singh

The current study examined cultural (diffuse orientation), organizational (organizational work-family climates) and individual (role centrality) antecedents of key work-family…

Organizational politics and work-family conflict: the hospitality industry in Bangladesh

Md. Shamsul Arefin, Md. Shariful Alam, Nazrul Islam, Mateusz Molasy

Researchers have shown increasing interest, in recent times, in organizational politics and how it affects employees and organizations. This paper aims to investigate how…

Crossover of work–family conflict in supervisor–subordinate dyads in India: does LMX matter?

Pavithra Sampath, Rupashree Baral, Mansi Rastogi

This study investigated the crossover of work–family conflict (WFC) from supervisors to subordinates employed in conventional work settings. The authors hypothesized that the…

Does it matter where you live? Examining the impact of gender, gender egalitarianism and city context on the work–family interface

Ujvala Rajadhyaksha

This study asks the following research question: does “city” context interact with gender and gender egalitarianism (GE) to impact the positive (WFPOS – work–family positive…

Work–family interface of women entrepreneurs: evidence from India

Aakanksha Sehgal, Preetam Khandelwal

The present study aims to examine work–family interface and explore its relationship with some key psycho-social variables amongst women entrepreneurs in the urban Indian context.

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