South Asian Journal of Business Studies: Volume 13 Issue 2


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Help and hindrance: family roles concerning small businesses of women in Bangladesh during COVID-19 pandemic

Jasmine Jaim

Although the extant literature has already recognised the negative impact of homebound responsibilities on women's entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is yet to know…

The volatility spillover effect of macroeconomic indicators and strategic commodities on inflation: evidence from India

Shailesh Rastogi, Jagjeevan Kanoujiya

This study aims to analyze the volatility spillover effects of crude oil, gold price, interest rate (yield) and the exchange rate (USD (United States Dollar)/INR (Indian National…

Exploring Customer Perceived Value towards non-deceptive counterfeiting: a grounded theory approach

Kaushik Samaddar, Aradhana Gandhi

The study explores and builds theories in Customer Perceived Values (CPVs) that drive counterfeit buying intention, using a Grounded Theory Approach (GTA) in an emerging market…

Influence of government financial incentives on electric car adoption: empirical evidence from India

K.V. Ansab, S. Pavan Kumar

Electric cars have very little market share in developing countries despite their environmental benefits. Thus, governments have started promoting electric cars by providing…

Impact of organizational climate, culture, leadership and structure on competitive advantage: mediating effect of absorptive capacity

Khawaja Khalid Mehmood, Mehreen Mushtaq, Jalal Rajeh Hanaysha

This research aimed to investigate absorptive capacity's (AC) mediating effect among four important organizational factors, namely transformational leadership (TL), innovative…

Corporate derivatives use and firm value: conditional role of corporate governance

Affaf Asghar Butt, Sayyid Salman Rizavi, Mian Sajid Nazir, Aamer Shahzad

This study aims to examine the effect of corporate derivatives use on firm value and how the corporate governance index modifies this relationship.

Corporate governance and cost of equity: the moderating role of ownership concentration levels

Muhammad Arsalan Hashmi, Urooj Istaqlal, Rayenda Khresna Brahmana

The study analyzes the influence of corporate governance and ownership concentration levels on the cost of equity. Further, the authors extend the literature by investigating the…

Dynamic modeling of marginal expected shortfall under economic sensitivity: empirical evidence from Pakistan

Hasan Hanif

Systemic risk is of concern for economic welfare as it can lower the credit supply to all the sectors within an economy. This study examines for the first time the complete…

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