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Deconstructing ahimsa at the workplace: its relevance and significance

Ayatakshee Sarkar

This paper aims to conceptualize ahimsa at the workplace as an alternate coping response to negative workplace behaviours. The response strategy aims to impede conflict escalation…

Decoding the sustainable consumer: what yoga psychology tells us about self-control and impulsive buying?

Shiva Kakkar, Anurag Dugar, Rajneesh Gupta

The study approaches the social problem of overconsumption by examining how dispositional characteristics (Trigunas) affect self-control capacity and buying impulsiveness.

Resolving stress of university teacher: exploring role of workplace spirituality and constructive workplace deviance

Naval Garg, Sarika Kumari, B.K. Punia

The study explores the relationship between workplace spirituality and work stress among university teachers. It also investigates the mediating effect of constructive deviance…

Financing woes: estimating the impact of MSME financing gap on financial structure practices of firm owners

Vibhuti Mittal, T.V. Raman

Accessing formal mainstream finance is a cumbersome process for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) of emerging economies. Empirical investigations have connected finance…


Does workplace spirituality influence reflexivity in ongoing teams? Examining the impact of shared transformational leadership on team performance

Nandan Prabhu, Badrinarayan Srirangam Ramaprasad, Krishna Prasad, Roopa Modem

This study explores the mediating influences of team reflexivity and workplace spirituality in the shared transformational leadership-team performance relationship.

A model for lead conversions through cold calling in startup B2B services firms in India: a sense-making derivation

Abishek Santhosh Raj, Shameem Shagirbasha, Kumar Madhan

Cold calling being one of the most preferred modes of sales strategies in the past, with all digital platforms setting in, is it still the best option a B2B service firm has? To…

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