Journal of Enabling Technologies


Health and Social Care

Table Of Contents: Volume 12 Issue 2

Real-time location systems in nursing homes: state of the art and future applications

C.E. Oude Weernink, E. Felix, P.J.E.M. Verkuijlen, A.T.M. Dierick-van Daele, J.K. Kazak, J. van Hoof

In the domain of healthcare, both process efficiency and the quality of care can be improved through the use of dedicated pervasive technologies. Among these applications…

The vision of bedfast nursing home residents of their quality of life and the contribution of technological innovations in and around the bed

I. Martens, H. Verbeek, J. Aarts, W.P.H. Bosems, E. Felix, J. van Hoof

Over 8 per cent of the Dutch nursing home population is bedfast, and this number is slowly increasing. The quality of life (QoL) of this population is lower than that of…

A neurological and philosophical perspective on the design of environments and technology for older people with dementia

Maarten J. Verkerk, Joost van Hoof, Sil Aarts, Sylvia J.M.M. de Koning, Johanna J. van der Plaats

Older people with dementia (OPD) have specific housing and technology-related needs, for which various design principles exist. A model for designing environments and its…

Future care: rethinking technology enhanced aged care environments

Jennifer Loy, Natalie Haskell

Cutting-edge hospital and residential care architecture and interior design aim to address the emotional and practical needs of patients, staff and visitors. Yet, whilst…



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