International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation: Volume 40 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Global Energy Transformation for Combating Climate Change in the Built Environment: Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Countries

Guest Editors: Richard Opoku, Henry Mensah, Divine Kwaku Ahadzie

Improving energy efficiency of HVAC systems in buildings: a review of best practices

Eric Kwame Simpeh, Jon-Patrick George Pillay, Ruben Ndihokubwayo, Dorothy Julian Nalumu

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems account for approximately half of all energy usage in the operational phase of a building's lifecycle. The…


A model for thermal comfort assessment of naturally ventilated housing in the hot and dry tropical climate

Arnaud Louis Sountong-Noma Ouedraogo, Adamah Messan, Daniel Yamegueu, Yezouma Coulibaly

A major challenge faced by West Africa is to find comfortable housing as a result of climate change and population growth. The climatic adaptation of buildings and their indoor…

Factors limiting the adoption of hemp as an alternative sustainable material for green building delivery in Ghana

Kofi Agyekum, Emmanuel Adinyira, James Anthony Oppon

The increased awareness of global environmental threats like climate change has created an upsurge of interest in low embodied carbon building materials for green building…

Optimization of building envelopes using indigenous materials to achieve thermal comfort and affordable housing in Abuja, Nigeria

Olumide Ebenezer Jegede, Ahmad Taki

This paper aims to demonstrate the optimization of an existing residential building in a tropical climate using indigenous materials as an alternative to conventional building…

Green cost premium for attaining energy-efficiency rating in Nigeria's hot-humid residential buildings

Samuel Ekung, Isaac Abiodun Odesola, Timothy Adewuyi

The dearth of green standards (GS) in sub-Saharan Africa is alarming and the green cost premiums (GCP) in seeking certification in emerging markets are scanty. This paper studied…


Prediction of unregulated energy usage in office buildings

Emmanuel Frimpong, Elvis Twumasi

The paper presents a technique for predicting the energy consumption of unregulated energy loads (UELs) in office buildings. It also presents an approach for determining a set of…

Cooking fuel choices of households in urban areas in Uganda: a multinomial probit regression analysis

Joseph Elasu, Bright Richard Kimuli, Muyiwa S. Adaramola

This study explores the economic and sociodemographic factors that influence households' decisions on the type of fuel used for cooking in urban areas in Uganda.

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