Studies in Graduate and Postdoctoral Education: Volume 12 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Mental Health and Wellbeing in Postgraduate Research

Guest Editors: Jane Creaton, Rachel Handforth

The Researcher Toolkit: a preventative, peer-support approach to postgraduate research student mental health

Sophie R. Homer, Linda Solbrig, Despina Djama, Anne Bentley, Sarah Kearns, Jon May

Rates of mental ill-health among postgraduate research students (PGRs) are alarmingly high. PGRs face unique challenges and stigma around accessing support. The purpose of this…

Transition points: well-being and disciplinary identity in the first years of doctoral studies

John A. Gonzalez, Heeyun Kim, Allyson Flaster

The purpose of this study is to examine doctoral students’ developmental trajectories in well-being and disciplinary identity during the first three years of doctoral study.

Enhancing postgraduate researcher wellbeing through support groups

Fryni Panayidou, Benjamin Priest

This paper aims to examine the effectiveness of PhD support groups as an intervention that improves mental well-being and increases confidence in timely PhD completion.

Mitigating dilemmas in postgraduate researcher mental health and well-being project implementation: critical reflections from three former implementers

Sophie Valeix, Rachel Moss, Charlotte Morris

This paper aims to present the critical reflections of three women implementers formerly working in projects that seek to support the mental health and well-being (MHW) of…

An exploration of graduate student peer mentorship, social connectedness and well-being across four disciplines of study

Elizabeth Oddone Paolucci, Michele Jacobsen, Lorelli Nowell, Georgina Freeman, Liza Lorenzetti, Tracey Clancy, Alessandra Paolucci, Helen Pethrick, Diane L. Lorenzetti

Student mental well-being is a matter of increasing concern on university campuses around the world. Social, psychological, academic and career aspects of graduate learning are…

Discrimination, competitiveness, and support in US graduate student mental health

Julie Posselt

Rising rates of anxiety and depression and the varied costs of these conditions indicate a clear need to create learning environments in which graduate and professional students…


Student, academic and professional services staff perspectives of postgraduate researcher well-being and help-seeking: a mixed-methods co-designed investigation

Rebecca Crook, Patricia Gooding, Chloe Whittaker, Dawn Edge, Claire Faichnie, Melissa Westwood, Sarah Peters

This study aimed to address three key gaps in existing knowledge about postgraduate researchers’ (PGRs) well-being. It investigated 1) the frequency and nature of depression…

“Peering through the window looking in”: postgraduate experiences of non-belonging and belonging in relation to mental health and wellbeing

Charlotte Morris

The purpose of this paper is to explore belonging in relation to postgraduate wellbeing in the light of renewed concerns about the mental health and wellbeing this group of…


A mixed-methods investigation of mental health stigma, absenteeism and presenteeism among UK postgraduate researchers

Clio Berry, Jeremy E. Niven, Laura A. Chapman, Sophie Valeix, Paul E. Roberts, Cassie Marie Hazell

Postgraduate researchers (PGRs) appear to be particularly vulnerable to mental health problems. Mental health-related stigma and discrimination may be endemic within universities…

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