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Table of contents - Special Issue: Learning analytics in primary, secondary and higher education

Guest Editors: Markus Ebner, Martin Ebner

Small data as a conversation starter for learning analytics: Exam results dashboard for first-year students in higher education

Tom Broos, Katrien Verbert, Greet Langie, Carolien Van Soom, Tinne De Laet

The purpose of this paper is to draw attention to the potential of “small data” to complement research in learning analytics (LA) and to share some of the insights learned…

Entrepreneurship students distilled their learning experience through reflective learning log

Khar Kheng Yeoh

This Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research is a part of the larger study grant to analyze written reflections through learning log among the third and final year…

Learning analytics to improve writing skills for young children – an holistic approach

Nina Steinhauer, Michael Gros, Martin Ebner, Markus Ebner, Anneliese Huppertz, Mike Cormann, Susanne Biermeier, Lena Burk, Konstanze Edtstadler, Sonja Gabriel, Martina Wintschnig, Christian Aspalter, Susanne Martich

Due to the important role of orthography in society, the project called IDeRBlog presented in this paper created a web-based tool to motivate pupils to write text as well…

On predicting academic performance with process mining in learning analytics

Rahila Umer, Teo Susnjak, Anuradha Mathrani, Suriadi Suriadi

The purpose of this paper is to propose a process mining approach to help in making early predictions to improve students’ learning experience in massive open online…

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