Maritime Business Review: Volume 5 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Maritime and port logistics: operations modeling and sustainable development

Guest Editors: Branislav Dragović, Zhongzhen Yang, Stratos Papadimitriou

Yard and berth planning efficiency with estimated handling time

Etsuko Nishimura

To achieve a high container handling efficiency at transshipment hub ports, there are a variety of scheduling problem as ship-to-berth assignment (BAP), container-to-yard…


Berth scheduling at marine container terminals: A universal island-based metaheuristic approach

Masoud Kavoosi, Maxim A. Dulebenets, Olumide Abioye, Junayed Pasha, Oluwatosin Theophilus, Hui Wang, Raphael Kampmann, Marko Mikijeljević

Marine transportation has been faced with an increasing demand for containerized cargo during the past decade. Marine container terminals (MCTs), as the facilities for connecting…


Queueing analysis for operations modeling in port logistics

Pasquale Legato, Rina Mary Mazza

The use of queueing network models was stimulated by the appearance (1975) of the exact product form solution of a class of open, closed and mixed queueing networks obeying the…


Analyzing the trade transportation and its demand on multimodal transportation system between China and Koreas

Shanhua Wu, Yu Sun, Zhongzhen Yang

This paper aims to understand the trade transportation situation between China and Koreas, and to explore the possibility of establishing the surface transportation corridor…


Panama Canal vs alternative routes: estimating a logit model for grains

Javier Daniel Ho, Paul Bernal

The purpose of this paper is to fit a logit model for dry bulkers transporting grains through the Panama Canal versus alternative routes destined to East Asia, originating on the…


An innovative decision support tool for liquefied natural gas supply chain planning

Christos Papaleonidas, Dimitrios V. Lyridis, Alexios Papakostas, Dimitris Antonis Konstantinidis

The purpose of this paper is to improve the tactical planning of the stakeholders of the midstream liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply chain, using an optimisation approach. The…

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