Maritime Business Review: Volume 3 Issue 4


Operations and Logistics Management

Table of contents

Assessing the impact of marine production manufacturing on gross domestic product indicators: Analytical comparative study of GCC countries

Faris ALshubiri

This paper aims to assess and empirically analyze the impact of marine production manufacturing on gross domestic product (GDP) indicators as a comparative study in Gulf…

A safety marketing stimuli-response model of passenger behaviour in the ferry context

Chin-Shan Lu, Ho Yee Poon, Hsiang-Kai Weng

This study aims to propose a safety marketing stimuli-response model to explain passengers’ safety behavior in the ferry services context.

Ports, peripherality and concentration – deconcentration factors: a review

Bahana Wiradanti, Stephen Pettit, Andrew Potter, Wessam Abouarghoub

The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on peripheral ports, hub ports and concentration – deconcentration factors. This is an issue, as investments in port…

An investigation on the professionalization of education in Maritime logistics and supply chains

Yui-Yip Lau, Adolf K.Y. Ng, Ka-Chai Tam, Erico Ka Kan Chan

This paper aims to investigate the development of logistics and supply chain education through conducting comparative study between high diploma and associate degree. This…

Cyberattacks on ships: a wicked problem approach

Joan Mileski, Christopher Clott, Cassia Bomer Galvao

The maritime industry is increasingly impacted by the Internet of things (IoT) through the automation of ships and port activities. This increased automation creates new…

Measurement challenges of supply chain performance in complex shipping environments

Photis Panayides, Odd Jarl Borch, Anastasiya Henk

Logistics service performance measurement (PM) is a fundamental activity pertaining to the achievement of logistics goals and the improvement of services. The choice of…