Maritime Business Review: Volume 3 Issue 3


Table of contents

Protectionist vs liberalised maritime cabotage policies: a review

Ana Cristina Paixão Casaca, Dimitrios V. Lyridis

The development of the current European economic area maritime cabotage market occurred when, at a policy level, the European Union forced the opening of its member-states…

Liner shipping alliances and their impact on shipping connectivity in Southeast Asia

Wei Yim Yap, Seyed Mehdi Zahraei

The liner shipping industry underwent a major round of change between 2014 and 2017 where the concentration ratio of the top ten carriers rose from 64 per cent in 2013 to…

Modeling the determinants of dry bulk FFA trading volume from a cross-market perspective of spot and forward

Shiyuan Zheng, Shun Chen

This study aims to propose a theoretical model to characterize the optimal forward freight agreement (FFA) procurement strategies and investigate the determinants of FFA…

An empirical analysis of service quality factors pertaining to ocean freight forwarding services

S. Subhashini, S. Preetha

The service sector is the key driver of a country’s economic growth. The quality of service is more important for the survival of any organization. It is the interactive…

Strategic maritime management as a new emerging field in maritime studies

Ping Wang, Joan Mileski

This study aims to promote strategic maritime management as a new emerging discipline to foster research in strategic maritime issues.

Clustering potential of Istanbul maritime sector

Cengiz Bahadir Karahan, Levent Kirval

Turkey is a maritime country with its current merchant fleet and shipyards, geographical location, young population and growth potential. Clustering, being one of the…