Maritime Business Review


Operations and Logistics Management

Table Of Contents: Volume 3 Issue 1

Long-term container throughput forecast and equipment planning: the case of Bangkok Port

Veerachai Gosasang, Tsz Leung Yip, Watcharavee Chandraprakaikul

This paper aims to forecast inbound and outbound container throughput for Bangkok Port to 2041 and uses the results to inform the future planning and management of the…

Equipment planning strategy for liners: empty container repositioning across alliances

Hang Fa Tong, Hong Yan

This paper examines the possible cooperation options in terms of empty container repositioning across alliances for shipping lines based in the Greater China Region…

Organizational motivation, employee job satisfaction and organizational performance

Kelvin Pang, Chin-Shan Lu

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of motivation on job satisfaction and organizational performance in the context of container shipping companies in…

Constructing English-medium instruction indicators in the shipping courses of Taiwan’s higher education

Po-Hsing Tseng, Kendall Richards, Nick Pilcher

This paper aims to use an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and combine this with the fuzzy theory to identify key indicators influencing English-medium instruction (EMI…

The impacts of deviations from standard daily procedures on stock performance – a case study of Carnival Cruise Line

Grace Wang, Qingcheng Zeng, Lawrence Cliff Ghoram

In the USA, the cruise industry has generated more than $42bn in total economic activities, involving over 356,000 jobs. The largest and most aggressive operator is…

Anti-competition of ocean shipping alliances: a legal perspective

Owen Tang, Po-wan Sun

Antitrust exemptions to shipping alliances in the liner shipping sector have prevailed for many years. This study aims to examine anti-competition of ocean shipping…