Maritime Business Review: Volume 2 Issue 4


Table of contents

A novel memetic algorithm with a deterministic parameter control for efficient berth scheduling at marine container terminals

Maxim A. Dulebenets

The volumes of international containerized trade substantially increased over the past years. In the meantime, marine container terminal (MCT) operators are facing…

Leader-member exchange, safety climate and employees’ safety organizational citizenship behaviors in container terminal operators

Chin-Shan Lu, Hsiang-Kai Weng, Chih-Wen Lee

Container terminal operation is one of the most risky industries. Many of the accidents that occurred were found to be caused by human errors. However, it seems relatively…

Cold supply chain of longline tuna and transport choice

Yi-Chih Yang, Han-Yu Lin

The four purposes of this study are to understand the development and the current status of Taiwan’s far seas longline tuna fisheries through a review of the literature…

Hong Kong maritime arbitration under the Arbitration Ordinance 2011

Sik Kwan Tai, Bing Chan

In 2011, the new Arbitration Ordinance took effect in Hong Kong. This paper aims to discuss the new features on maritime arbitration.

Impact of Maritime Labour Convention on design of new ships

Yong Hwa Chia, Ivan CK Tam, Arun Kr Dev

The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) embodies standards of existing international maritime labour conventions and recommendations, as well as the fundamental principles to…

Assessing the shipping in the Northern Sea Route: a qualitative approach

Po-Hsing Tseng, Nick Pilcher

The Northern Sea Route (NSR) could become viable in the near future. If this happens, it will radically reduce sailing times and distances on routes from Asia to Northern…

An evaluation of mid-stream operation in Hong Kong

Yui-yip Lau, Adolf K.Y. Ng

Mid-stream operation has had a significant role in Hong Kong’s economic development since the 1960s. Prior to the building of container terminals in Hong Kong, cargo was…