Journal of Tourism Analysis: Revista de Análisis Turístico: Volume 25 Issue 1 , Open Access


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Urban experiential tourism marketing: Use of social media as communication tools by the food markets of Madrid

Blanca Garcia Henche

The theoretical framework of this study focuses on the trends towards experiential tourism and new communication channels in the tourist sector. The specific areas of…


Ecotourism as a path to sustainable development in an isolated Magic Town: The case study of La Trampa, Mexico

Yasu Coronado Martínez, Mara Rosas Baños, Hazael Cerón Monroy

This study aims to reveal the potential for ecotourism of a locality with high marginalisation index in the municipality of Tlalpujahua, a Magic Town in the State of…


Spatial distribution of touristic flows in a gravity model in South America

Natalia Porto, Noelia Garbero, Natalia Espinola

This paper aims to investigate the determinants of international bilateral tourism demand in countries of Southern Common Market (specifically, Argentina, Brazil and…


The epistemological structure of mobilities: Tourism, touring and consumption in the days of terrorism

Maximiliano E. Korstanje

This paper aims to revolve around two problems which, though imagined as different, can be addressed altogether. On one hand, the advance of terrorism as a major threat to…


Strategies to improve the quality and competitiveness of coastal tourism areas: Applying tourism standards

Moisés Simancas Cruz, Juan Israel García Cruz, Carlos Alberto Greifemberg, María Pilar Peñarrubia Zaragoza

The quality of tourist accommodation establishments is a recurring theme in public strategies for planning and managing tourist destinations. The applying standards as a…


Tourism and mobile devices: provenance of academic research through a bibliometric study

Francisco José Ortega-Fraile, Miguel Ángel Ríos-Martín, Cristina Ceballos-Hernandez

This paper aims to outline a map of all the research that exists on mobile technology and tourism archived in the two main databases worldwide (Web of Science and Scopus)…




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2018 – 2020


  • Dr. Enrique Navarro Jurado
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