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Table Of Contents: Volume 23 Issue 44

Estrategias competitivas y gestión deportiva

Julio Quispe, Jaime Rivera

Esta investigación utiliza la Teoría Basada en Recursos como base para un modelo que permite integrar las acciones organizacionales con las variables que pueden moderar…

Determinantes y pronóstico de la actividad bursátil del mercado accionario colombiano

David Agudelo, Diego A. Agudelo, Julián Peláez

Se estudian los determinantes y la evolución de la actividad bursátil mensual en el mercado accionario colombiano de 2007 a 2016.

Effects of institutional quality and the development of the banking system on corporate debt

Alvaro Edmundo Tresierra, Sergio David Reyes

This study aims to determine if the quality of national institutions and banking development condition the maturity of debt depending on the horizon of short or long term.

Is the health care price inflation in US urban areas stationary?

Vasudeva Murthy, Albert Okunade

This study aims to investigate, for the first time in the literature, the stochastic properties of the US aggregate health-care price inflation rate series, using the data…

Is gold a hedge or a safe haven? An application of ARDL approach

Mohammad Hassan Shakil, Is’haq Muhammad Mustapha, Mashiyat Tasnia, Buerhan Saiti

The argument whether gold is a hedge or haven is a debatable issue. Mainly, hedge is a class of asset that is negatively correlated with another asset or portfolio on…



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