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Developing 21st century leaders, a complete new process: We call them Transpersonal Leaders

John Knights, Danielle Grant, Greg Young

It is becoming more generally accepted that there is a need to develop a new kind of leader to meet the needs of our 21st century VUCA world. The bookcases are full of volumes…


Work, resilience and sustainable futures: The approach of work-based research to problems and their solutions

Lee Fergusson, Luke van der Laan, Bradley Shallies, Matthew Baird

This paper examines the relationship between work, resilience and sustainable futures for organisations and communities by considering the nature of work-related problems (WRPs…


Institutions and organisational work-life balance (WLB) policies and practices: Exploring the challenges faced by Nigerian female workers

Uzoechi Nwagbara

This paper examines the relationship between the institution’s organizational work-life-balance (WLB) policies and practices and subsequent challenges faced by Nigerian workers…


Resisting global universalistic practices: the endurance of culture and particularism in African HRM

Dieu Hack-Polay, John Opute, Mahfuzur Rahman

This article empirically assesses the extent to which factors rooted in the cultural and institutional framework in sub-Saharan African organisational contexts challenge and…


Innovation management processes and sustainable iterative circles: an applied integrative approach

Christopher Miller, Brychan Celfyn Thomas, Michael Roeller

This study attempts to create new insights into innovation management through the integration of innovation management processes and sustainable, iterative circles. Through the…


Evidence based policing: a view on its development within the police service

Ian Pepper, Colin Rogers, Helen Martin

As the education of new police constables moves to degree level, this paper explores the introduction of Evidence-Based Policing (EBP) as a pillar of the evolution of the police…


Coordinating character and curriculum for learning and development

Charles J. Margerison, Michelle D. Ravenscroft

This paper considers how online character education applications can be applied by educational practitioners within the school environment to meet curriculum requirements and…

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