Revista de Gestão: Volume 28 Issue 1 , Open Access


Table of contents

Growth and social entrepreneurs: the challenge of conciliating economic and social values

Hilka Pelizza Vier Machado, Sergio Augusto Vallim Gaiotto, Monica Cristina Rovaris Machado

This research aimed to describe the phenomenon of the growth of enterprises in the vision of social entrepreneurs.


Integration, uncertainty and information: how do they affect planning performance?

Juliana Keiko Sagawa, Marcelo Seido Nagano

Effective planning requires the participation of different functions and may be hampered by lack of integration and information quality (IQ). This paper aims to…

Information technology governance: legitimation, theorization and field trends

Fábio Luís Falchi de Magalhães, Marcos Antonio Gaspar, Edimara Mezzomo Luciano, Domingos Márcio Rodrigues Napolitano

investigate and analyze the aspects of legitimation, theorization and trends for the evolution of research in information technology governance (ITG) in Brazil, according…

Women and work: film analysis of Most Beautiful Thing

Marcella Barbosa Miranda Teixeira, Laila Lidiane da Costa Galvão, Carolina Maria Mota-Santos, Luana Jéssica Oliveira Carmo

This article aims to present aspects related to women’s personal life and work illustrated in the TV series Most Beautiful Thing (Coisa Mais Linda, in Portuguese).

HRM in Brazil: an institutional approach

Wilson Aparecido Costa de Amorim, Marcus Vinicius Gonçalves da Cruz, Amyra Moyzes Sarsur, André Luiz Fischer

The purpose of this work is to comparatively study human resources management (HRM) areas in Brazil, at the national level, analyzing how companies considered labor market…