Revista de Gestão: Volume 26 Issue 4 , Open Access


Table of contents - Special Issue: Applied research articles: narrowing the gap between research and organizations

Guest Editors: Marcelo Pedroso

Chazuta: subnational governments and internationalization of the agro-industrial value chain

Alberto Carlo Cajavilca, Marta Tostes

The purpose of this paper is to examine the role and contribution of San Martin and Chazuta subnational governments in promoting development and internationalization of…

Technology environment and crowdfunding platforms in Brazil

Afonso Lima, Francisco Fabiano Mapurunga Araújo

The purpose of this paper is to analyze the influence of the technological segment of the general environment in crowdfunding platforms’ operations in Brazil.


Investment funds and underpricing of shares

Hitalo Alberto de Souza Faria Castilho, Matheus Souza De Resende, Eduardo Ramos de Oliveira Franco Montoro, Vinicius Akio De Almeida Shotoko, Michele Nascimento Jucá, Eli Hadad Junior

The purpose of this paper is to assess whether greater participation of venture capital/private equity (VC/PE) funds in the companies’ capital structure at the moment of…

Continuous results-driven innovation management program

Iara Sibele Silva, Patrícia Bernardes, Felipe Diniz Ramalho, Petr Iakovlevitch Ekel, Carlos Augusto Paiva da Silva Martins, Matheus Pereira Libório

The purpose of this paper is to present the innovation management program (IMP) (FAZ Program) and analyze its results according to the public policy goals that support it…

Analysis of the innovation value chain in strategic projects of the Brazilian Army

Tarso Souza Ramalho, Elisangela Lazarou Tarraco, Cesar Akira Yokomizo, Roberto Carlos Bernardes

The purpose of this paper is to describe and compare seven case studies of strategic innovation projects of the Brazilian army; these projects present high…


Lean development evaluation in small Brazilian company

Davi Laskani Hoffmann, Alvair Silveira Torres Jr

The small Brazilian companies are responsible for a large part of national GDP and formal jobs in the country. This expressiveness is contrasted with the specificities of…