Cross Cultural & Strategic Management: Volume 24 Issue 2


Table of contents - Special Issue: Gender in international business and management

Guest Editors: Susan Forquer Gupta, Lorraine Eden, Amanda Bullough, Fiona Moore, Tugba Kalafatoglu

Culture and context matter: gender in international business and management

Lorraine Eden, Susan Forquer Gupta

The purpose of this paper is to argue that culture and context (policy and environment) are key factors affecting gender inequalities within and across countries.


Research on women in international business and management: then, now, and next

Amanda Bullough, Fiona Moore, Tugba Kalafatoglu

The purpose of this paper is to address the paradox that represents a shortage of women in management and senior leadership positions around the world, while research has…


A perspective on gender in management: The need for strategic cross-cultural scholarship on women in management and leadership

Susan R. Madsen, Robbyn T. Scribner

There is still a lack of understanding why there is little progress when it comes to women seeking and obtaining top management and leadership positions in organizations…


Family and state ownership, internationalization and corporate board-gender diversity: Evidence from China and India

Abubakr Saeed, Amna Yousaf, Jaithen Alharbi

In times of vivid debates on the inclusion of women on boards, the purpose of this paper is to shed a new light on the composition of boardrooms in emerging market firms…


The effectiveness of transformational leadership on empowerment: The roles of gender and gender dyads

Soyeon Kim, Mannsoo Shin

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the influence of gender on the effectiveness of transformational leadership. Drawing on role congruity theory, it elucidates…


Looking out or looking up: gender differences in expatriate turnover intentions

Hyun-Jung Lee, Chei Hwee Chua, Christof Miska, Günter K. Stahl

With the steady increase in the number of female expatriates and multinational corporations’ (MNCs’) pressing need for global female talent, understanding the factors that…


Funding challenges of Latin American women start-up founders in the technology industry

Katherina Kuschel, María-Teresa Lepeley, Fernanda Espinosa, Sebastián Gutiérrez

Women in entrepreneurship can have a significant impact on economic and social development globally and particularly in developing countries. But the challenges…


The impact of gender and culture on networking and venture creation: An exploratory study in Turkey and MENA region

Tugba Kalafatoglu, Xavier Mendoza

To date, little research has been focused on the nature and dynamics of female entrepreneurial networking activity. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to examine how…

Gender and operations management

Richard Metters

Work that is considered appropriate for only one gender by the indigenous culture is explored. The focus is on the operational issues that accrue due to the combination of…

Applying cultural intelligence to religious symbols in multinationals

Sharon L. O’Sullivan

The purpose of this paper is to describe how religious symbols might impede employees’ motivational cultural intelligence (CQ) in some international contexts, and how…

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