Cross Cultural & Strategic Management: Volume 23 Issue 3


Table of contents - Special Issue: Cross-cultural and comparative diversity management

Guest Editors: Alain Klarsfeld, Eddy S.W. Ng, Liza Castro Christiansen and Bård Kuvaas

Comparative equality and diversity: main findings and research gaps

Alain Klarsfeld, Eddy S Ng, Lize Booysen, Liza Castro Christiansen, Bård Kuvaas

This is a special issue introduction on cross-cultural and comparative diversity management (DM). The purpose of this paper is to present five articles that explore and…


Diversity and equity

John Berry

The purpose of this paper is to describe and analyse two features of multicultural societies: diversity and equity. The author argues that both these features are…


A cross-national study of gender diversity initiatives in architecture: The cases of the UK, France and Spain

Valerie Caven, Elena Navarro-Astor, Marie Diop

Despite initiatives designed to encourage more women, the construction industry and its associated professions remain resolutely male dominated and the situation shows…

Attitudes towards diversity: Evidence from business school students from Norway, India and the Czech Republic

Laura Elizabeth Mercer Traavik, Avinash Venkata Adavikolanu

The purpose of this paper is to investigate diversity attitudes of business school students across three national contexts Norway; India and the Czech Republic. These…


Understanding religious diversity: implications from Lebanon and France

Akram Al Ariss, Yusuf M Sidani

The purpose of this paper is to argue that national history plays an important role in formulations of workplace religious diversity strategies and practices. It builds on…


What happened to Popperian falsification? Publishing neutral and negative findings: Moving away from biased publication practices

Arjen van Witteloostuijn

Current publication practices in the scholarly (International) Business and Management community are overwhelmingly anti-Popperian, which fundamentally frustrates the…

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