Cross Cultural & Strategic Management: Volume 23 Issue 1


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Reflections on the so-called value-free ideal: A call for responsible science in the business schools

Anne Tsui

Value-free science is an ideal that is neither possible nor desirable, especially for social sciences. The subject of social sciences is individuals and groups; hence social…


Toward a reverse adaptation view in cross-cultural management

Yadong Luo

Contrasting local adaptation, which focusses on foreign multinationals learning about and adapting to local (host country) culture and environment, reverse adaptation refers to…


Global implications of the indigenous epistemological system from the east: How to apply Yin-Yang balancing to paradox management

Peter Ping Li

The author argues and explains that the indigenous Eastern epistemological system of Yin-Yang balancing should be taken as a novel system or frame of thinking, which is deeply…


The development and validation of the Business Cultural Intelligence Quotient

Ilan Alon, Michele Boulanger, Judith Meyers, Vasyl Taras

– The purpose of this paper is to present a new instrument for measuring cultural intelligence in the business context (BCIQ).


n-Culturals: modeling the multicultural identity

Andre Anugerah Pekerti, David Clinton Thomas

The purpose of this paper is to extend current conceptualizations of multicultural individuals by mapping the underlying elements of knowledge, identification, commitment and…


Organizational cross-cultural differences in the context of innovation-oriented partnerships

Pervez Ghauri, Veronica Rosendo-Rios

The purpose of this paper is to empirically examine organizational cross-culture differences in public-private research-oriented relationships. More precisely, it focusses on the…


Exploring the potential effects of expatriate adjustment direction

Ying Zhang, Edward Oczkowski

The expansion of the phenomenon of two-way flow expatriation due to the accelerated process of globalization has resulted in an increasing need for a better understanding of…


Doing business in India: cross-cultural issues in managing human resources

Seeta Gupta, A. Uday Bhaskar

Given the increasing global significance of Indian markets, multi-national corporations (MNCs) are keen to do business here; however, cross-cultural issues can be barriers in…

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