Journal of Professional Capital and Community: Volume 6 Issue 1


Table of contents - Special Issue: Developing Professional Capital through Systems Approaches to Evidence-Informed Policy and Practice

Guest Editors: Katina Pollock, Carol Campbell

A capital idea: exploring the relationship between human and social capital and student achievement in schools

Alan J. Daly, Yi-Hwa Liou, Claudia Der-Martirosian

As accountability policies worldwide press for higher student achievement, schools across the globe are enacting a host of reform efforts with varied outcomes. Mounting…

Field building through strategic bricolage: system leadership and the institutionalizing role of intermediary organizations

David Eddy-Spicer, Paula Arce-Trigatti, Michelle D. Young

This article explores two intermediary organizations that are attempting to alter the landscape of US education by building organizational networks and professional…

A research model to study research-practice partnerships in education

Amanda Cooper, Stephen MacGregor, Samantha Shewchuk

This scoping review utilizes findings from 80 articles to build a research model to study research-practice-policy networks in K-12 education systems. The purpose of this…

Is distributed leadership an effective approach for mobilising professional capital across professional learning networks? Exploring a case from England

Chris Brown, Jane Flood, Paul Armstrong, Stephen MacGregor, Christina Chinas

There is currently a focus on using networks to drive school and school system improvement. To achieve such benefits, however, requires school leaders actively support the…

Systems approaches to professional and decisional mathematics capital

Brandon Dickson, Carolyn Mussio, Donna Kotsopoulos

This study aims to explore how the theories of professional capital and decisional capital can be extended to introduce “professional mathematics capital” and “decisional…

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