Journal of Professional Capital and Community: Volume 5 Issue 3/4


Table of contents - Special Issue: Professionalism in the Pandemic

Guest Editors: Martin Scanlan

Humanizing practices in online learning communities during pandemics in the USA

Nimo M. Abdi, Elizabeth Gil, Stefanie LuVenia Marshall, Muhammad Khalifa

In this reflective essay, the authors, four educators of color, explore the relevance of humanizing practices of community in teaching and learning, school leadership and…

Education during the pandemic: the case of Kuwait

Ibrahim Alhouti

This paper analyses the Kuwaiti Ministry of Education's (MOE’s) response during the pandemic by exploring the situation of public schooling in Kuwait and the reasons…


Building back better education systems: equity and COVID-19

Christopher Chapman, Irene Bell

The purpose of this article is to explore the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the potential to use this challenging global context as an opportunity to…


Crisis and opportunity in teacher preparation in the pandemic: exploring the “adjacent possible”

Amy B.M. Tsui, Carol K.K. Chan, Gary Harfitt, Promail Leung

This paper draws on Kauffman's theory of the “adjacent possible” to make sense of the practices which have emerged in response to school and university closures in Hong…


Building social capital for constructive adaptive capacity under social stress

Yutong Wang, Pakon Ko, Nancy Law

This study examines how a school progressively built its social capital for agile adaptation to provide inclusive and effective fully online learning provisions through…


COVID-19 is killing education budgets: are educational public-private partnerships an answer?

Romita Mitra

Education budgets are being reduced by many governments, especially in low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries, as finite resources are diverted toward the health crisis…

Teaching in the pandemic: reconceptualizing Chilean educators' professionalism now and for the future

Álvaro González, María Beatriz Fernández, Mauricio Pino-Yancovic, Romina Madrid

This essay explores the effects of school buildings closure during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic on Chilean teachers' and principals' professional role…

The perils of notional membership during a pandemic

Christina L. Dobbs, Christine Montecillo Leider

In this essay, the authors will describe several facets of their experience as women faculty of color in the academy during the pandemic, in order to explore how…


Building blocks of instructor professional development for innovative ICT use during a pandemic

Kim Schildkamp, Iwan Wopereis, Marian Kat-De Jong, Annette Peet, IJsbrand Hoetjes

Innovative use of information and communications technology (ICT) requires (new) knowledge and skills for the group that has the biggest impact on the quality of…


Pracademics in the pandemic: pedagogies and professionalism

Trista Hollweck, Armand Doucet

This thinking piece examines, from the viewpoint of two Canadian pracademics in the pandemic, the role of pedagogy and professionalism in crisis teaching and learning. The…


SPARK-ing innovation: a model for elementary classrooms as COVID-19 unfolds

Jeanne M. Powers, Mary Brown, Lisa G. Wyatt

The purpose of this paper is to describe SPARK, an innovative elementary school that highlights the possibilities for elementary education as COVID-19 continues to unfold.


COVID-19 – school leadership in crisis?

Alma Harris

This article explores how school leaders are responding during COVID-19 and what forms of leadership practice are emerging.


Professional capital after the pandemic: revisiting and revising classic understandings of teachers' work

Andy Hargreaves, Michael Fullan

This article revisits three classic findings from Dan Lortie's 1975 book Schoolteacher, in the context of the coronavirus pandemic and its possible aftermaths. These…


Rethinking professional collaboration and agency in a post-pandemic era

Paul Campbell

This paper explores the role of professional collaboration and agency during the global COVID-19 pandemic and possible lessons for the future from the perspective of a…


The Covid-19 pandemic and the dissolution of the university campus: implications for student support practice

Rille Raaper, Chris Brown

This paper problematises student support in higher education during the Covid-19 crisis and proposes an original approach of social network analysis for developing…


Learning in the time of COVID-19: capitalizing on the opportunity presented by the pandemic

Christopher E. Trombly

This paper addresses the current disruption in the educational status quo ante that has been caused by the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19. Its purpose is to suggest how…


Will the pandemic change schools?

Pasi Sahlberg

This essay offers a perspective for practitioners and decision-makers to look beyond short-term recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and consider longer-term consequences…


Principal professionalism in the time of COVID-19

Corrie Stone-Johnson, Jennie Miles Weiner

In this paper, we describe the impact of COVID-19 on principals and their work. Drawing on prior research undertaken prior to the onset of the pandemic, we describe how…


Considerations for school leaders serving US immigrant communities in the global pandemic

Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Megan Hopkins

In this commentary, the authors consider how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted immigrant education and professional communities in schools, discussing the implications of…

Beyond COVID-19 supernova. Is another education coming?

Cecilia Azorín

This article explores social and educational responses to COVID-19 as seen through the lens of the Spanish education, in which professional capital and community is at the…


School leadership during a pandemic: navigating tensions

Deborah M. Netolicky

This paper explores, from the perspective of an Australian pracademic, how school leaders are leading during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

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