Advances in Autism: Volume 8 Issue 2

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Differential diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Michelle Heyman, Megan Ledoux Galligan, Giselle Berenice Salinas, Elizabeth Baker, Jan Blacher, Katherine Stavropoulos

Professionals working with community populations are often presented with complicated cases where it is difficult to determine which diagnosis or diagnoses are appropriate…


An individualized life-skills coaching program for adults with autism

Ashleigh Hillier, Nataliya Poto, David Schena II, Abigail Buckingham, Alice Frye

The lack of services for adults on the autism spectrum is of growing concern. Given the huge variation in how autism impacts people, individualized approaches might be…

Usefulness of current autism diagnostic or screening assessment tools in adults with intellectual disability (ID): systematic review of literature

Solomon Shatananda, Abimbola Oyedokun, Mahesh Odiyoor, Sujeet Jaydeokar, Saman Shahzad

The purpose of the study is to identify and ascertain if there were any validated tools for diagnosing or screening autism spectrum disorder in adults with ID. The estimated…

Parental perspectives on support needs and availability of autism services in South and South-Eastern Europe

Ivana Vasilevska Petrovska, Anastasia C. Giannakopoulou, Vassiliki Tsecoura, Angela Winstanley, Roberto Miletto, Georgeta Constanţa Roşca, Biserka Ivanova, Vasiliki Kaisa, Vladimir Trajkovski

Amid the expanding demand on the autism service delivery system, little knowledge is accumulated regarding access and availability of support and services in the region of…

The concept of autism spectrum disorder: a study on knowledge sharing protocol among parents with autistic children in Ghana

Bernard Kissi-Abrokwah, Kwame Kodua-Ntim

The purpose of this paper is to identify knowledge sharing practices used among parents with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Case study: impact of interdisciplinary interventions in a 9-year-old male child with autism spectrum disorder

Vinita Berry, Chavi Bhargava Sharma

This study aims to highlight the need for an interdisciplinary intervention approach to bring noteworthy changes in children with an autism spectrum disorder. It proposes to study…

Variables predicting the association between autistic traits and externalizing symptoms among young adults

María Álvarez-Couto, Domingo García-Villamisar, Gema P. Sáez-Suanes, María d'Orey Roquete

Considering the high comorbidity of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with externalizing disorders and that ASD is considered as a continuum, which implies the identification of it…

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