Advances in Autism: Volume 7 Issue 3

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


Table of contents - Special Issue: Gender and Diversity

Guest Editors: Verity Chester

The presentation, recognition and diagnosis of autism in women and girls

Bethany Driver, Verity Chester

Autistic women and girls have received comparatively less attention within clinical practice and research. Research suggests women tend to be diagnosed later than men, and are…


Gender differences in mental health prevalence in autism

Felicity Sedgewick, Jenni Leppanen, Kate Tchanturia

Mental health conditions are known to be more common amongst autistic than non-autistic people. To date, there is little work exploring gender differences in mental health amongst…


Public attitudes to people with ASD: contact, knowledge and ethnicity

Eli Gemegah, Dimitra Hartas, Vasiliki Totsika

The increase in autism prevalence and presentation in the media suggests a rise in public awareness. This paper aims to explore what factors (contact, knowledge and ethnicity) may…

Autism identification across ethnic groups: a narrative review

Samuel Tromans, Verity Chester, Eli Gemegah, Kristian Roberts, Zoe Morgan, Guiqing Lily Yao, Traolach Brugha

The purpose of the paper is to review autism identification across different ethnic groups. Diagnosis of autism may be missed or delayed in certain ethnic groups, leading to such…


Being diagnosed with autism in adulthood: a personal case study

Ross Henley

This paper aims to report the personal experiences of an adult male diagnosed with autism at the age of 48 years.

Commentary on “being diagnosed with autism in adulthood: a personal case study”

Samuel Tromans, Verity Chester

The purpose of this paper is to provide a commentary on “being diagnosed with autism in adulthood: a personal case study”.

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