Advances in Autism: Volume 5 Issue 1

Improving international health outcomes in health, education and social aspects of care


Table of contents - Special Issue: Women, girls, and autism spectrum disorders: part I

Guest Editors: Verity Chester

Journey to diagnosis for women with autism

Dori Zener

The purpose of this paper is to review the barriers that girls and women face in receiving an accurate and timely autism diagnosis. The journey to late-in-life diagnosis will be…


Understanding and recognising the female phenotype of autism spectrum disorder and the “camouflage” hypothesis: a systematic PRISMA review

Clare Sarah Allely

Females with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may display superficial social skills which may mask their ASD symptomology impacting on the identification of the disorder – known as…


Autistic women’s experience of intimate relationships: the impact of an adult diagnosis

Elizabeth Kock, Andre Strydom, Deirdre O’Brady, Digby Tantam

The purpose of this paper is to explore the experience of intimate relationships of women who have been diagnosed with Autism in adulthood.

Characters with autism spectrum disorder in fiction: where are the women and girls?

Priyanka Rebecca Tharian, Sadie Henderson, Nataya Wathanasin, Nikita Hayden, Verity Chester, Samuel Tromans

Fiction has the potential to dispel myths and helps improve public understanding and knowledge of the experiences of under-represented groups. Representing the diversity of the…


Diagnosis and treatment of ASD in women in secure and forensic hospitals

Sarah Markham

The purpose of this paper is to explore the experience and possibilities for misdiagnosis of women with ASD in secure and forensic hospitals, via the medium of a lived experience…

Commentary on “diagnosis and treatment of ASD in women in secure and forensic hospital”

Eddie Chaplin, Jane McCarthy

The purpose of this paper is to provide a commentary on “diagnosis and treatment of asd in women in secure and forensic hospital”.

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