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How perceived attributes of livestreaming commerce influence customer engagement: a social support perspective

Fang Qin, Wei Le, Min Zhang, Yujia Deng

The boom in livestreaming commerce (LSC) has brought significant changes to social interaction methods. Understanding customer engagement in LSC is critical for online sellers who…


I know you, you know me: the effects of customer empathy and employee self-disclosure on customer citizenship behavior

Misun (Sunny) Kim, Jichul Jang

Drawing on social penetration theory (SPT) and social exchange theory, this study examines whether and why customer empathy for frontline employees (FLEs) and employee…

Customer acceptance of service robots under different service settings

Yi Li, Chongli Wang, Bo Song

This paper investigates the reasons for the differences in customers' acceptance of service robots (CASR) in actual experience and credence service settings for the following two…


Robot service failure: the double-edged sword effect of emotional labor in service recovery

Yunxia Shi, Rumeng Zhang, Chunhao Ma, Lijie Wang

This paper aims to discuss the effect of frontline employees' emotional labor (surface acting vs. deep acting) on customer satisfaction and the moderating role of responsibility…

When does highlighting effort or talent in fitness service providers' performance lead to customer compliance? The role of customers' implicit mindset

Sangchul Park, Hyun-Woo Lee, Calvin Nite

Fitness service organizations often promote the personal training service by attributing competent features, qualifications, or/and service provision of fitness service providers…

Unpacking the relationship between customer citizenship behavior and dysfunctional customer behavior: the role of customer moral credits and entitlement

Taeshik Gong, Chen-Ya Wang

While the positive effects of customer citizenship behavior are well established, research on its potential negative consequences is scarce. This study aims to examine the…

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