Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 32 Issue 4


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Creating harmony through a plethora of interests, resources and actors: the challenging task of orchestrating the service ecosystem

Angela Carida', Maria Colurcio, Bo Edvardsson, Alberto Pastore

There is a need to understand value co-creation in service ecosystems that engage multiple actors with different goals. This study aims to extend the understanding of value…

How and when do the ambidextrous frontline sales employees achieve superior sales performance?

Keo Mony Sok, Devin Bin, Phyra Sok

Business-to-business (B2B) firms increasingly have a need for frontline sales employees who can both sell and service customer account, a task known as sales-service ambidexterity…

Sustainability in retail services: a transformative service research (TSR) perspective

Sarah Dodds, Nitha Palakshappa, Loren M. Stangl

Retail organizations that consider a service ecosystems view of sustainability focused on transformation have the potential to contribute to the wellbeing of individuals, business…


The straw that breaks the camel's back: service provider vulnerability to customer incivility

Jennifer Loh, Md Irfanuzzaman Khan, Raechel Johns

Uncivil customer behaviour is a concern for service providers and can result in increasing vulnerability for them or their customers. This paper aimed to investigate the…

The effects of hotel employee ternary safety behavior on negative safety outcomes: the moderation of job vigor and emotional exhaustion

Jiangchi Zhang, Chaowu Xie, Alastair M. Morrison, Rui Huang, Yuxi Li, Gaoyang Wu

The effect of hotel employee safety behavior has not as yet been investigated. The purpose of this research is to determine the impact of hotel employee ternary safety behavior on…

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