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Believe to go the extra mile: the influence of internal CSR initiatives on service employee organizational citizenship behaviors

En-Yi Chou, Haw-Yi Liang, Jiun-Sheng Chris Lin

Leveraging the power of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is strategically important to corporations. Although various studies have explored the positive effects of CSR, few…

Revisiting the patient–physician relationship under the lens of value co-creation and defensive medicine

Sergio Riotta, Manfredi Bruccoleri

This study formulates a new archetypical model that describes and re-interprets the patient–physician relationship from the perspective of two widespread phenomena in the…

Customer experience research: intellectual structure and future research opportunities

Jorge H.O. Silva, Glauco H.S. Mendes, Paulo A. Cauchick Miguel, Marlene Amorim, Jorge Grenha Teixeira

This article aims to synthesize and integrate current research on customer experience (CX), identifying the intellectual structure of the field, systematizing a conceptual…


The mediating effects of program loyalty in loyalty rewards programs: an experimental design in coffee shops

Pınar Başgöze, Yaprak Atay, Selin Metin Camgöz, Lydia Hanks

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the impact of reward structure on the customer's value perception of the program, loyalty to the program and loyalty to the firm.


Carrots or sticks in debt collection services? A voice metrics and text analysis of debt collection calls

Chengcheng Liao, Peiyuan Du, Yutao Yang, Ziyao Huang

Although phone calls are widely used by debt collection services to persuade delinquent customers to repay, few financial services studies have analyzed the unstructured voice and…

The link between extraversion and service outputs: a moderated mediation model of work vigor and coworker support

Wan-Hsien Hu, Chen-Ju Lin

Based on the broaden-and-build theory, this study aims to clarify that the relationship between extraversion and service outcomes will be mediated by work vigor, and that, in…

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