Journal of Service Theory and Practice: Volume 28 Issue 3


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The doer effect of failure and recovery in multi-agent cases: service supply chain perspective

Cansu Yildirim, Bengu Sevil Oflaç, Oznur Yurt

The purpose of this paper is to explore the doer effect of service failure (SF), good prior experience (GPE) and recovery on overall customer satisfaction and repurchase…

How customer participation influences service failure attribution: The moderating effect of self-efficacy

Chia-Yi Chen

Previous studies offer two contradictory propositions for the influence of customer participation on service failure attribution. The purpose of this paper is to solve…


Professional identity in service work: why front-line employees do what they do

Per Echeverri, Maria Åkesson

The purpose of this paper is to identify the key elements of professional identity in service work in order to provide more in-depth theoretical explanations as to why…


Customer value co-creation over the relationship life cycle

Jesus Cambra-Fierro, Iguacel Melero-Polo, F. Javier Sese

Drawing from the theory of relationship dynamics, the purpose of this paper is to investigate how the relationship life cycle moderates the link between relationship…


A service network perspective to evaluate service matching in early design

Federico Barravecchia, Fiorenzo Franceschini, Luca Mastrogiacomo

Service matching is defined in this paper as the process of combining a new service with one or more existing services. A recurring problem for service designer is to…

Service ecotones: the complex boundary zones of service (eco) systems

Hamish Simmonds, Aaron Gazley

The purpose of this paper is to introduce ecotones to the service literature as a conceptual extension of the service ecosystem (SE) framework.

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