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Table of contents - Special Issue: Transformation and the Regenerative Future of Tourism

Regenerative tourism: transforming mindsets, systems and practices

Dianne Dredge

The purpose of this paper is to examine the mindset shift, systems change and boundary spanning practices needed to transition to a regenerative approach in tourism. The paper…


Transformational tourism – a systematic literature review and research agenda

Roshini Nandasena, Alastair M. Morrison, J. Andres Coca-Stefaniak

This paper aims to examine critically the literature on transformational tourism and explore a research agenda for a post-COVID future.


Regenerative tourism: the challenge of transformational leadership

Jenny Cave, Dianne Dredge, Claudia van't Hullenaar, Anna Koens Waddilove, Sarah Lebski, Olivier Mathieu, Marta Mills, Pratishtha Parajuli, Mathias Pecot, Nico Peeters, Carla Ricaurte-Quijano, Charlotte Rohl, Jessica Steele, Birgit Trauer, Bernadette Zanet

The aims of this paper are to share how one cohort of tourism practitioners viewed the transformative change needed within the tourism industry and to explore the implications for…


Transformative roles in tourism: adopting living systems' thinking for regenerative futures

Loretta Bellato, Niki Frantzeskaki, Carlos Briceño Fiebig, Anna Pollock, Elke Dens, Bill Reed

The “tourism living systems” (Tourism Living System – TLS) concept is underdeveloped, with limited relevant theoretical analysis to understand how it can support the…


The reciprocity of soil, soul and society: the heart of developing regenerative tourism activities

Line Mathisen, Siri Ulfsdatter Søreng, Trine Lyrek

The study aims to investigate how tourism actors' methodologies fuel the development of regenerative activities anchored in the reciprocity of nature and humans directed at…


Circular economy, circular regenerative processes, agrowth and placemaking for tourism future

Lucia Tomassini, Elena Cavagnaro

This conceptual paper explores the possibility to envision circular regenerative processes embracing agrowth and placemaking within tourism; an industry remarkably connected to…


Regenerative tourism futures: a case study of Aotearoa New Zealand

Francesc Fusté-Forné, Asif Hussain

This case study urges the future of visitor economy to rely on regenerative tourism to make tourism systems resilience in the long run.


Recognising the regenerative impacts of Canadian women tourism social entrepreneurs through a feminist ethic of care lens

Karla A. Boluk, Gaurav Panse

The overarching aim of this project is to understand the role women tourism social entrepreneurs (TSEs) play in contributing to regenerative practices in Canada.


Restoring the balance between humanity and nature through tourism entrepreneurship: a conceptual framework

Katie Lupton, Christine Samy

For years, there has been an appalling crisis developing – that of the state of our planet. Humanity has become disconnected from nature, with devastating consequences. We are in…


Gender equality boost for regenerative tourism: the case of Karenni village Huay Pu Keng (Mae Hong Son, Thailand)

Brigitte Nitsch, Charlotte Vogels

This paper display how “objectifying” forms of tourism can be converted into a more gender-equal regenerative tourism.


Green workers of Himalayas: evidence of transformation induced regeneration

Rohan Bhalla, Nimit Chowdhary

The investigation of the relationship between the future of humanity and the future of ecology is a pertinent issue. In this context, the study aimed to explore people's travel…


Visiting a furancho: local lifestyles as drivers of (food) tourism transformation

Nair Morón-Corujeira, Francesc Fusté-Forné

This research analyses the relationships between local foodscapes and tourism futures departing from furanchos as examples of a rural Spanish's authentic food tradition which…


Transformational marketing and transformational travel

Marco Martins, Lara Santos

This research seeks to understand if transformational marketing can be used as a tool that helps destinations to create products that can be individually, or group tailored to…

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