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Guest Editors: Albert Postma

Urban tourism: the growing role of VFR and immigration

Tom Griffin, Frederic Dimanche

The purpose of this paper is to offer some insights into the future of urban tourism with particular consideration given to immigration and visiting friends and relatives (VFR…


City tourism and the sharing economy – potential effects of online peer-to-peer marketplaces on urban property markets

Stefan Brauckmann

The purpose of this paper is to investigate the potential effects of the so-called sharing economy on growing city tourism as well as on urban property markets.


Building tourism-resilient communities by incorporating residents’ perceptions? A photo-elicitation study of tourism development in Bruges

Katarzyna Janusz, Sofie Six, Dominique Vanneste

In a current trend of a growing amount of short city trips, it becomes crucial to understand how local residents perceive the presence of tourists and tourism in their cities and…


Understanding and overcoming negative impacts of tourism in city destinations: conceptual model and strategic framework

Albert Postma, Dirk Schmuecker

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the mechanisms of conflict between residents and tourists and to propose a conceptual model to assess the impact of such conflicts on city…


Seeing like a tourist city: how administrative constructions of conflictive urban tourism shape its future

Christoph Sommer, Ilse Helbrecht

The purpose of this paper is to clarify the administrative problematisations of conflict-prone urban tourism (e.g. noise) as political processes predetermining the future of city…


Shine a light

Marco Bevolo

The purpose of this paper is to report the grounded theory empirical validation on key categories within a design-led methodology to envision urban futures. The paper focuses on…

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