Journal for Multicultural Education: Volume 13 Issue 4


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A problematic legacy: diversity in American reading textbooks

Catherine Compton-Lilly, Shuning Liu, Maria Padrós Cuxart, Lindsay Pettit, Yanli Timm

This conceptual paper aims to explore biases in reading textbooks that have been used to teach generations of Americans, including children in urban communities. While…

Memorisation and learning in Sufi British madrasahs

Aishah Sabki, Glenn Hardaker

In madrasahs around the world, teaching and learning methods regarding the memorisation of the Qur’an follow the same notion of repetition and the need for embodiment…

Moving toward: using a social justice curriculum to impact teacher candidates

Megan Adams, Sanjuana Rodriguez

Public schools are spaces where capital-T transformation in teachers is needed (Guillory, 2012). To shift schools to places where all communities are valued, teacher…

The relationship between culturally relevant materials, emotional climate, ethnic composition and peer play in preschools for children of color

Kay E. Sanders, Monica Molgaard, Mari Shigemasa

This study aims to examine the interplay between culturally relevant materials, child racial ethnic classroom composition and positive emotional climate in regard to high…

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