Journal for Multicultural Education: Volume 11 Issue 1


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Collaborative partnerships between high poverty and minority parents and educational leaders: Reversing the school and home divide

Dwan Vanderpool Robinson

This paper aims to explore parent and school leader partnerships to engage high poverty and minority families against the backdrop of transformative educators fulfilling…

Linguistic hegemony today: recommendations for eradicating language discrimination

Lakia M. Scott, Elena M. Venegas

The purpose of this paper is to discuss issues of contemporary language conflict in educational contexts.

Integrating multiculturalism in education for the 2020 classroom: Moving beyond the “melting pot” of festivals and recognition months

Kamshia Childs

This paper aims to take a brief glance at the past of multicultural education in classrooms and discusses the ever-changing “melting pot” of cultures expected to continue…

The identities of the Ethiopian community in Israel

Lea Baratz, Esther Kalnisky

This study aims to investigate the linkage of identity of new and veteran immigrant students of the Ethiopian community in Israel, by examining their attitudes to…

Stereotype threat effects on African American and Latina/o Elementary students tested together

Martin James Wasserberg

This study aimed to investigate whether a diagnostic testing condition leads to stereotype threat effects for African American and Latina/o children (N = 81) when tested…

Teaching multicultural awareness and mentoring minority students

Latoya Anderson Pierce

This paper includes a proposed model for working with diverse students both in the classroom and as faculty mentors. This paper aims to provide guidelines on creating a…

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